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The Smart Start Day School & Learning Center (SSLC) Mission is to provide a nurturing educational environment that enlivens children’s imagination, fosters their creativity, stimulates their intellect, and instills in them a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world. We will achieve this through a child centered, play-based educational program which includes academically challenging, experiential, arts-integrated curriculum that is both thoughtfully attuned to honoring the developmental stages of childhood and designed to assist each individual to fully develop his or her own unique human capacities and intelligences. Through this endeavor we envision helping to bring forth a population of thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate citizens who are immersed in community, inspired by a deeply held love of learning, and committed to helping create a more just and peaceful world.

Toward this end, our vision includes:

            A school campus that practices environmental sustainability and allows students frequent access to the natural world.

            We strive to incorporate within ourselves as well as the children that we teach an  honor for diversity; which means to respect  similarities and differences among all people

            Community partnerships that enhance the students’ connection to the natural world.

            A Community-Supported Education model that ensures SSLC’s accessibility to families of all income levels.

            An active seasonal festival life in the school community.

To support the development of well rounded human beings who are able to feel deeply and broadly, to think penetratingly and clearly, and then to act rightly out of conscious and free choice bringing purpose and meaning to their lives and to their communities.

Learning is FUN!
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